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Krisztina really knows her stuff. Very thorough on the explanations and gives a lot of examples. I learn a lot from the VIP. Small tactics that make a huge difference and you won't find elsewhere.

Johnatan Weinberger

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Bi-Weekly Marketing: Meetings Live Webinars With a New Marketing Strategy Every Time




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Weekly "What's Working Now in Marketing" Resources




M6P VIP Magazine - the #1 Magazine for Top-Notch Marketers





Monthly Strategy Call Where You Get Answers To Your Most Important Marketing Questions




50+ Ebooks, Checklists, and How-To's



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If you do it every week, your marketing will be 68% more effective by the end of the first year.


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This is how much you can improve if you execute the weekly VIP strategies.



Imagine where you would be if you had started this 10 years ago?




The second best time to start this is NOW.



Proven strategies, tactics, and concepts that work today

Checklists to be sure that everything is ready for the campaign (get rid of the anxious feeling of realizing that your content doesn't convert, because you missed a critical step)

Fill-in-the-blank email templates that make your email marketing your most effective channel

Chatbot templates and how-to's to generate more engagement and communicate with your customers on a new platform 

Sales Funnels and Customer Journey templates that generate leads and sales automatically. You will learn how to improve the product, the lead magnet, how to communicate with your prospects, and how to build your landing page structure

Resources where we update you on the most effective strategies (Strategies that work) 

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Join the VIP Club for $2.99/month

Free 14-day trial

With your subscription, you will get:

Biweekly live webinars with new marketing strategies



Monthly live strategy calls where you can get answers to your most important marketing questions



Access to 20+ marketing video courses with step-by-step explanations and a lot of examples



Weekly "What's working now in marketing" resources


M6P VIP Magazine - for Top-Notch Marketers



50+ ebooks, how-to's, and checklicts






Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch previous webinars and strategy calls?


Yes, when you start your subscription, you will immediately get access to all webinars, video courses, calls, and "What's working now in marketing" resources that we have relased in the past (more than 50 hours of content)

What if I have questions?




We hold a live, interactive strategy call every month where you can get answers to your marketing questions, or by writing an email if you don't want to ask in public.

What happens after the purchase?


You will create an account during the checkout process, and after the purchase, you can immediately log in to the membership site where you will see an explanation how to navigate the site.

Our members say:

The video courses are simple, easy to follow, and packed with value. Krisztina explains everything clearly. The best thing is that you can finish the courses vithin a couple hours each.

Pong Lizardo

I am side hustling and want to start a business. I learned so much about how to build my brand. After every webinars, I have a million ideas I want to implement, and never been more excited to start to execute them.

Patty Hazart

Join the VIP Club for $2.99/month
Join the VIP Club for $29.99/year
Join the VIP Club for $29.99/year
Join the VIP Club for $29.99/year

How will your company change when you join the VIP Club?

You can sell for higher prices


There is a new life, where you make the conditions. Where you don't have to get in the "Discount campaign war". A new life where your company works for you, and not the opposite. Do you want to join?

You select who you want to work with


Have you ever had to bite your tongue dealing with a problematic customer? Spent hours of work on a project you hated? I show you how to get in the level where you attract good customers you love to work with.

You will know what to do when you need new customers


Bye-bye campaign-creation-stress! Just watch the courses, use the checklists, and put together your winning Campaign in an afternoon. And if you get stuck, we are here to help.

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