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Be up-to-date with weekly webinars with proven strategies that work especially for small businesses

Weekly resources where we update you on the most effective strategies that work in marketing right now

A growing video library, each with a step-by-step plan to do a specific marketing task or strategy

Krisztina really knows her stuff. Very thorough on the explanations and gives a lot of examples. I learn a lot from the webinars. Small tactics that make a huge difference and you won't find elsewhere.

Johnatan Weinberger

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What will you actually get:

- Bi-weekly, Marketing Meetings - live webinars with a marketing strategy



- Access to 277 exclusive marketing content, videos how-to's and resources



- Access to a marketing video course library with all the tools you need for your marketing (and still growing and updating)



- Weekly “What’s working now in marketing” articles and resources



- Monthly strategy call where you can get answers to your most important marketing question



- 50+ marketing ebooks, how-to's and checklists


You will understand

Because we don't use academic words and industry jargons




You will be able to implement

Because these are strategies especially for small businesses and sole-entrepreneurs




You will be able to put in action

Because these are low-cost strategies that a small company can execute even if they are on a budget




Is this right for my business?

Yes... if you just started a business

Yes... if you already have a company, but want to do marketing better

Yes... if you don't have a marketing team, but have to do everything yourself

Yes... if you willing to learn how to build successful campaigns, generate leads and conversion, and grow your profit - AND put it into action

Yes... if you want to build a solid marketing strategy


Specific workshops every month - addressed to an upcoming marketing topic - that makes it easy to finish project quickly

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Bi-weekly Marketing Meetings webinars


Weekly hot: What's working in marketing now?



Monthly strategy calls



277 exclsuive marketing content



Access to a marketing video course library (17+ video courses)



50+ ebooks, how-to's and resources



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What others say:

The video courses are simple, easy to follow and packed with value. Krisztina explains things clearly. The best part is that you can finish a course in an hour.

Pong Lizardo

I am side hustling and want to start a business. I learned so much about how  to buid my brand. After every workshop, I already have million ideas I want to implement, and I am never more excited.

Patty Hazart

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch previous videos and calls?


Yes, when you start your subscription, you will get access every videos, troubleshooting calls, workshops, and "What's working" resources that released in the past.

What if I have questions?



We have a monthly interactive live video call, where I can answer your questions and help you in your everyday marketing life.

What happens after the purchase?


You will create an account during the checkout process, and after the purchase, you can immediatelly log in to the membership site, where I tell you in a video how to navigate the site.

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