Hey you!

Yes, you - the person who does everything on your own to market your small business - feel overwhelmed?

Does it seem like no matter how hard you push, your company doesn't grow

Do you see big, fancy marketing campaigns large companies do and you don't know where to start?

You will understand

You will be able to follow

You can afford

Because it's for entrepreneurs who don't have previous knowledge

Because they are either free or low-cost strategies for a limited budget

My mission is to give marketing success to individual entrepreneurs and small business owners with marketing tactics created especially for small businesses. Your company can be successful and grow if you do marketing, and you do it right. Let me show you how!

Krisztina Rudnay
CEO, Marketing6pack

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Because we don't use academic words and industry jargon

You will be able to implement

Because it works especially for small businesses and sole entrepreneurs

- Weekly short videos on a marketing topic in your messenger

- Invitation to a closed Facebook Group

- Access to a growing marketing video library

- Questions answered

- Challenges, motivation

- Fresh news, tips, strategies, tactics 



You don't risk anything! The first month is free!

Your nightmare is over!


We will give you a marketing tip, strategy or tactic every week in your inbox

Short but detailed tips that help you grow your business and multiply your profit


1. Watch it

2. Implement it

3. Watch your business grow

4 short videos a month for $1.99 that is 50 cents a video

Unique content

that is not available

for free

Proven strategies,


and concepts


What should I do if I have a problem?

Send an email to marketing6pack@gmail.com and we will get back as soon as humanly possible (usually within 24 hours)

What happens after the purchase?

You will get an email to the email address associated with your PayPal account with the link to Facebook messenger, to sign up for the videos

Can I watch them later?

Of course.

You can watch the videos rignt in your Messenger inbox, from your phone, or computer - on your own time.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you can cancel the subscription any time from your PayPal account.

Billing will stop after your current period that you already paid.

Can I cancel if I want to?

What if I want to know more about a specific topic?

You can get one of my video courses on the desired topic, and watch more details. Or if I don't have a course on a specific topic, let me know and I will consider creating one!

What if I want to use a different email address?

When you make the payment on PayPal, write the email address in the comments - you want us to contact you

Or send your request to marketing6pack@gmail.com

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First month is free

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What will you get?

Is this right for my business?

Yes, if you started your company

Yes, if you already have a company, but want to do your marketing better

Yes, if you don't have a marketing team, but have to do everything yourself

Yes, if you want to learn how to create successful campaigns, smart advertising and marketing

Yes, if you want to build a solid marketing strategy

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What others say:


Johnathan Weinberger: Krisztina really knows her stuff. Very thorough on the explanations and gives a lot of examples. I learn a lot from her videos. Small tactics that make a huge difference and you won't find elsewhere.


Pong Lizardo: The videos are simple, easy to follow and packed with value. Krisztina explains things clearly. The best part is that you can finish the videos in a few minutes. Looking forward to the next every week.


Patty Hazart: I am side hustling and want to start a business. I learned so much about this in the videos. I already have million ideas I want to implement, and was never more excited.