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“Krisztina really knows her stuff. Very thorough on the explanations, and gives a lot of examples. I learn small tactics, that really add up, and I don't find them anywhere else. ”

“The video courses are easy to understand and follow, and packed with value. Krisztina explains everything clearly. The best thing is that you can finish the courses in couple of hours each, so for me, as a busy person it's a huge benefit.”

“I'm side hustling and want to start my own full-time business. After every webinar, I have a million ideas to implement, and can't wait to start executing on them. They are very interesting topics every other week. ”

Patty Hazart

Pong Lizardo

Jonathan Weinberger

I will personally support you

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What you get in the VIP Club

Let's say your marketing performs 1% better every week, because of the VIP content you receive.


1% more engaging posts

1% more convincing sales copy

1% more attractive headlines

1% more quality leads

1% better email campaign results

1% more brand visibility


If you do it every week, your marketing will be 68% better by the end of the first year.

181% more effective marketing within 2 years.

In 10 years, it's 17,567%


This is how much you can improve if you execute on the VIP strategies.


Imagine: where would you be if you had started this 10 years ago?


The second best-time to start is NOW



You don't have time to browse for articles and videos, or attend marketing conferences. And you don't have time to make mistakes to learn from. You need the latest, tested, and proven solutions and this is what you will get here.

It's worth it, even if you execute only 1 marketing strategy you receive every week.

How do I know?

You don't have time, but need more customers

We will solve the unknown in your marketing equation

I invite you to the next level of marketing, the

VIP Club

Without crazy spending

and dead-end streets

This is How You Will Double Your Marketing Results

50+ And Still Growing


Ebooks, Cheat Sheets, Templates, And Resources


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Is this you?

You feel alone, and it's hard to stay motivated

In the VIP Club, several marketers and niche experts share their experiences, latest tests, and what's working today.

A new webinar, video course, or resource every week keeps you on track.

As you learn more and execute marketing strategies, there will be questions. I will be your personal mentor, and answer your specific questions along the way.

You have a lot of questions, but no one to ask

What you learned last year is no longer working

Yes, online marketing is like that. But we constantly look for new trends, the latest tests, and new software to make your life easier, and bring everything together that really works these days in marketing. Every week.

15 minute Skype consultation



Once a month, you have an opportunity to ask me anything that you are struggling with your marketing. 


We can plan a campaign, optimize your results, proof your latest copy, or do some market research.


I will personally help you with it.

Join the VIP for $2.99/month
Join the VIP for $29.99/year
Join the VIP for $29.99/year

...and much more

Join the VIP for $2.99/month
Join the VIP for $29.99/year

"Is this for me?" I hear you ask...

The VIP Club is for you, if...


You want to be up to date with your marketing, and get the latest strategies


Believe in a practice-oriented approach (it doesn't matter how much you know, but how much you do)


You have questions about marketing your own business


You want to be part of a supportive and empathetic community


You want exclusive content from the best marketers and agencies

This is the secret that stands behind every big marketing success

If you just wait, and say "I will start next week", you keep yourself away from the ripe fruits and great results - it's like stealing from yourself.

Get started today, and whatever your marketing challenge is, I will hold your hand along the way, and always be there for you.

In the VIP Club, you will get:

- Bi-weekly live webinars with a new marketing strategy



- Monthly one-on-one strategy call, where you can get answers to your most important marketing question



- Access to 20+ video courses with step-by-step explanations and a lot of examples



- Weekly "What's working now in marketing" resources



- M6P VIP Magazine - for top notch marketers



- 50+ ebooks, how to's, templates, and checklists

Some study material you will find in the VIP Club

How do I pay the monthly membership fee?


We chose a secure, and popular method for this: Paypal. When you become a member, you create a recurring payment with your Paypal account, and get charged every month, or year - depending on your subscription.

How can I cancel the membership?


While we do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied, and give tremendous value, you can cancel the membership at any time. You just have to click a button, no hassle, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

Are the VIP Club materials text, or video format?


The VIP Club materials have been designed to give you the most effective progress. There are formats like live video, video tutorials, and presentations, while others are text, articles, online magazine, ebooks. It was always the number one priority to teach you in a way that is the most effective.

Who put together the content I get?


I, Krisztina Rudnay, create most of the content, based on my online marketing experience, knowledge, and ideas. Occasionally guests such as other marketing experts create some unique content,  with topics I might not able to teach.

Join the VIP for $2.99/month

Over the past 8 years we have met thousands of marketers and small business owners - all sharing something in common in their various marketing challenges.



The unknown.



Marketing is difficult because part of the path is always in the dark. (Everything else can be learned.)



But we will illuminate as much as possible for you.



Of course, success can never be guaranteed because it always something unknown always remains.



Marketing6pack has been working for years to discover everything that works in the market with case studies, campaign experience, and black and white data - so you can steer all your marketing efforts to success.



While there is no such a thing as 100% guaranteed success, we do our best to push you to get you as close as possible.



The VIP Club isn't for you, if...



If you think marketing is about scamming people, and advertising is just an unnecessary cost


You are too lazy at growing your company every day


You don't know how to work with humility


You think that you are always right, and don't have any empathy for others

See what our members have to say:

Still have questions?

How do I get the VIP training materials?


The VIP Club content is 100% digital. When you subscribe for a membership, you will create an account. In your account, you have access to all VIP content: dozens of webinars, hundreds of "What's working now", 50+ ebooks, how to's, checklist, and everything else we have released for the VIP Club members in the past.

When do I get the new content?


We release a live webinar session every other Monday, 12PM (Pacific time). Also, on every Monday, you will get a new "What's working now in marketing" resource with a hot marketing trend or strategy. At the beginning of each month, we send you a summary what happened in the VIP Club last month, with the topics and links.